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Urgent !!! Activation Traktor DJM T1 problem :(

Urgent !!!!



I did purchase the mixer DJM T1 for a week and then, surprise! impossible to use Traktor: (


The software is used by another user! what is normal, since I am the new owner!


He tried the disabled! but nothing! because in the meantime, he has internet changed operator of the coup, his address is no longer active! consequently it can not make changes on the site of native instrument through the small software service center!

I wrote two emails, to support native instrument, one Tuesday and one last Thursday ... having attached a photocopy of the invoice table mix is still under warranty and I also realized, a copy with a cover of the scanner installation cd of Traktor with the serial number and activation key on the label is yellow-orange and I have no response from tech support: (


it's really frustrating nulest complexity when a product acquérie Traktor time we lose to seek a solution to use our equipment!

I did what? I have a mix, which I can not take advantage of time-coded vinyl and cds I find myself stuck this weekend I had to lend to one another ... because the mixer DJM T1 without the soft and almost useless and I do see me buy a new Traktor to 100euros.

The mix, I paid 760 euros and time whether to buy the software as having to buy new 999 euros but I did not have the budget to find a solution thank you I have the services performed and I wish I could jouïre intégraliter in his use of it if ...

 They do not even have a direct line in France or a French technical support that is unfortunate!

Best regards!


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This is not the DJM-T1 problem.

You bought a mixer with a registered software. Write to Native Instruments about your problem, because they are the software company.

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Yes I know this is not a problem from the mix!

I did not know or post! sorry!

I wrote two emails and no response is not normal.

I have enclosed photocopies given the address of the vendor name and surname and any attention to me given the different mails.

I am disappointed! : (Same seller, I was advised to take a version cracked, given the problem that I encountered.

He thought it was absurd! of not being able to access his profile as it has changed internet operator (= change of operator change any email address) it is blocked and bored for me! I sold the mixer with the official software Traktor Scratch Duo two and all the accessories and I can not even enjoy it and use it in its entirety. zero zero zero

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