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DJM-250 Knobs and Fader Caps

Has anyone else had problems with their knobs and caps on the 250? My crossfader cap and a couple EQ knobs came off after only a few hours use. Any remedies out there for this? I'd rather not have to worry about this problem while performing, and I'd really prefer to not have to finish a set using just the metal posts after a knob flies off and goes under the booth. I don't mix very "hard" either, and I've had this puppy in a flight case since I got it.


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@p0ly > Hrm, I thought the DJM250 had p-lock fader caps... I guess not!  Sorry to hear about the fact they're loose - you can always try the old "shim" method; get a tiny piece of paper or tape and put it over the stem then wedge the cap back down, it should make a tighter fit.

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