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Help with recording using a djm 250

Somebody please help.

I have a pair of pioneer cdj 1000s and a djm 250 mixer which is a great setup and the mixing is coming along great but the problem ime having is driving me mad.

ime trying to run this set up through a programe call Audio hijack on a Macbook pro which i know other people use for recording there mixes and it works fine.

My problem being with the djm 250 there is no booth output and no record out put so i tried using the aux to the mac with no luck just distortion so i tried the aux to the record input on the amp then out to the mac still just destortion.

I now found out i may need a external soundcard to convert analog to sterio so ive ordered a numark sterio io soundcard/interface but the problem ime seing is if i run either from the mixer or via the amp it will only be 1 channel i.e 1 red 1 white audio lead but the interface has 2 channels i.e 2 red 2 white so ime either pretty daft or this is a problem.

Ive never set up a system for recording before so if anyone has any advice or ideas i would be very grateful as not bein able to record is driving me mad .


james hensman

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