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[CLOSED] Can't turn the USB output level up on Mixer

I have the cdj & dim 2000 nexus setup and I've connected them up to laptop via the USB, but I want to turn the mixers output levels up and I believe u can do this on the MacBook using the djm 2000 setting utility. I've installed the drivers and everything off the disc, and even installed the latest audio drivers but still no joy. I'm not seeing the utility setting on laptop???? The MacBook is only 6months old so it can't b that HELP I know there is the utility setting for the djm 900 so surely the 2000 nexus should have it???? This is all I see in photo


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@philsw01 > What are you trying to do? Record your mix? You need to choose 6 OUT 2 IN in the utility settings.

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