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[CLOSED] DJM800 weird light behavior

Hello, Im experiencing the following on my djm800. Ill write down some happenings to see if someone can identify the problem or give some advice.


Cue Buttons - They dont light up, but the cue themselves work. Also, when the cue buttons are pressed, the tiny color led next to the filter knobs turns on.

Effect Button On/Off - wont light up but works

Channel 3 level leds - A player connected to channel 3 will show the level on the leds on channel 2! Chan 4 displays on Chan 3 and so on.


Any ideas on this enigma???



Arthur C

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@Arthur > I'm afraid you know exactly what I am going to say... Please bring the unit to a service centre for repair as it sounds like you've some weird hardware gremlins going on inside there.

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