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DJM-900 Nexus BSOD PC Ableton

This is the second time I'm having to type this because I just got ANOTHER BSOD from the Nexus.


I use the DJM 900 Nexus as my audio interface for Ableton, and I've been getting multiple BSODs every day at random times whenever I'm working in Ableton. I used to think the problem was coming from a couple of other system drivers that I had recently updated around the time this problem started happening, but after going back and rolling back/updating/rolling back again all of those drivers, and the BSODs still occurred, I looked deeper into the cause.

I've downloaded a BSOD viewer which lists all of the information about the BSOD including the driver which is causing the problem. "DJM-900nexusAudio64.sys" is identified as the driver which is causing issues for every BSOD that I'm having. Since figuring this out, I've tried reinstalling both the driver and firmware of the Nexus, but I'm still continuing to get BSODs.

I've been running this same setup for months, and haven't ever had any trouble up until just recently, and I haven't made any major changes to my system.

Here's some more information:

OS: Windows 7 x64bit

Memory: 12GB

CPU: Intel i5 2500

Also 64bit version of Ableton. Thanks for the help.

Jarret Garcia

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