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[CLOSED] DJM-850 or DJM-900

Whats up guys, I want to upgrade my mixer but not sure which mixer is better suited to me. I am a mobile dj who does not use any software/dvs system. My current setup is 2x CDJ-2000NXS, Behringer DDM4000, and Roland SP-404. I enjoy using effects which is making me lean toward the 900 but I use them sparingly at most gigs. Any input would be helpful. 

Also besides the effects are there any other benefits of the 900 over the 850? I see the 900 has digital ins, does that mean it offers better sound quality?

DJ Riddims

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@Riddims > Yes the digital ins allow for a higher quality audio signal to be sent to the mixer and outputted accordingly.

Both are great mixers but I'd have the 900 over the 850, especially for rekordbox functionality if nothing else (and the effects are a bonus too, in my opinion).

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