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DJM 2000 V3.18 and CDJ 2000 nexus V1.13 Quantize Bug

Hello Pioneers,


Well I found another Bug within the DJM 2000 Mixer in combination with the 2000 Nexus Players (Both latest Firmware)

It's all about the quantized effects linked through Pro DJ Link.

It's a little bit hard to explain this problem, so I recommend to watch this short video showing the failure:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rURS7iq81q8


So every time I'm pushing the Beat knobs, the Quantized Effects doesn't work anymore? Until I reactivate the Quantize in the DJM 2000 Settings Menu.

But I noticed (not shown in the Video) the quantize must not be set on On or Off it's just all about switching the trigger -> After that, the whole Unit works as it should be until pressing the Effect Beat Buttons :/


Maybe someone could reproduce this Failure as well?


Thank you,

Marcus W.


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Sorry, the video doesn't really show what you're talking about - you never exited the quantize setting menu and it still seemed to be quantized. Could you perhaps shoot another video where you allow the camera to FOCUS and move it slower, perhaps describing what the problem is when you're doing it?

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