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[CLOSED] Add Djm-900 FX to Djm-2000 Please

Hi Pioneer,


I found this topic i copy/pasted the Quote below, I just wanted to state that the part where he talks about adding the djm-900 fx to the djm-2000 is genius, for one i never get to play out on djm 2000s but i practice on one at home. so i never really get to incorporate the djm-900s effects in my sets. only the ones i know i use and those are mostly from the djm-800 and what not.

I would have bought the djm-900 but i assumed the djm-2000 was gonna be "industry standard" so i bought it before it was even released and had to wait, then months later they release the "industry standard djm-900"......  Did the same with the Cdj-2000s so was kinda SoL in that area, and could care less about auto sync and such.

The one other thing i wanted to add is it would be awesome if the Pan effect from the Djm-800 was added as well, it was seriously one of the best effects on the djm-800 imo, and dont even know why it was left out of the djm2000 and djm-900. It was so versatile and had a huge impact on club systems, i couldn't even imagine in with the new color fx, the possibility's would be insane.


Please take into consideration what we said in these posts, and try and pass it along to the engineers and what not that work on the Djm-2000 updates, it would be epic to see this features in the Djm-2000. (I was actually thinking about buying a djm-900 and wiring it through a channel of my djm-2000 to get use of all the fxs, but still cant think of a way that would actually work. Then i seen this post so that is why i copy and pasted it and added my opinion and ideas to it.)


Copy and pasted part is Below


"with this awesome 3.18 update, we now have a beat slicer. however, i do see a few things that are not quiet right about it.

  1. in the totally awesome demo by Monsta singing "messiah", they only use the beat slicer in recording live vocals, then slicing it up. wouldn't it make more sense to be able to capture audio from the mic as well?
  2. if the beat slicer is a recording feature, why is it triggered with the remix button instead of the sampler?
  3. and if we are going to go with the sampler button, then can we get the missing fx from the djm 900 nexus?

.. which brings us to the next item.. if the djm 2000 is the 'flagship' then why does it have less fx than its predecessor the djm 900 nexus?

please create an update so that the 'live sampler' button triggers the "beat slicer" screen and the 'remix' button triggers a screen showing the effects missing form the djm 900. here are the beat effects missing in the djm 2000 but exist in its predecessor djm 900 nexus: spiral, flanger, robot, melodic. here are the instant fx missing in the djm 2000 but exist in its predecessor djm 900 nexus.:dub / echo,gate,comp. and in case you are wondering, why in the world would anyone need so many effects, the answer is simple: the djm 2000 is the flagship. these are effects that are not just whatever effects, these are effects that we use all the time. especially the echo, spiral, and flanger. sure the beat effects has an echo effects, but it cannot be used in conjunction with the flanger.. echo + flanger = really awesome fx. and i think that's what the idea was behind the design of the djm 2000."



Thanks for taking the time to read and like i said i hope it will be taken into consideration, looking forward to hearing back from others about this!


Thanks for reading,



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Sorry Mike, there are no plans to further modify the effects on the DJM-2000. Thanks for your input though, it will be considered for future product development.

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