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What really is involved for professional DJ's?

I'm just a bedroom DJ but I am curious about something.


Please state if your a Club DJ, Show (Ultra Music Festival for example) or whatever...

How long does it take you to get ready for a performance? Let's say you get a call and you're told that you are wanted for a Show, Club etc... (Not sure if I need to pinpoint how long you will be DJing, let's say 2 hours give or take or maybe you can chime in with your answer, the average amount of time you are usually requested for.)

Ok so you get the call... what do you do next? How much time do you spend practicing your playlist for the show? (How many hours a day/week). How much time really is involved? I've never been there, my bedroom DJing isn't under that kind of pressure. DO you guys play the same playlist over and over before the show to make sure it sound good? I ask because I wouldn't think someone shows up to a HUGE show and wings it, do they? If so maybe I misunderstand what the RB playlist is for? 

I really would like to know what Professional DJ's go through... even if you think I should know maybe I don't know all the time or steps you guys really take. I can understand that some have done this so long they know what songs go together and don't need a playlist but just curious what reality really is.


As a bedroom DJ, and maybe someone will correct me if i am doing it wrong...

I put track # 1 in my RB playlist and just build a few songs on top of that (Matching Keys on up the Key chart), practicing one at a time to see where I can mix them. Once i have the first 2 down I find a 3rd and will practice to see if the 3 matches track # 2 at the end and keep doing this until I have an hour of music. Then I start practicing by playing all the songs in order... 



Justin time for some Hardstyle!

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Club, Festival and Radio DJ (Boomtown, Glade, Waveform and Point Blank FM)

I never practice a playlist and usually just pluck and play, with no playlist worked out in advance. I usually have an opening track in mind, then just choose as I go. I use the Rekordbox star rating, so basically I just pick tracks from the 5 star group, safe in the knowledge that they'll drop ;)

You do need to be flexible, read the crowd and play to them, not your ego.


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