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need help on finding camcorder for recording mixes.

I want to record my mixes on video and I'm looking for a HD camcorder. Maybe someone has some tips.

Things I will need:

  • should fit on a tripod.

  • recording of up to 2 hours contiuous on one card and battery.

  • good quality on indoors image.

  • preferably wide-angle option. (don't need to zoom in).

  • microphone is not important as I can record the audio on the DJM350.

I tried recording a mix on my Canon EOS550D digital SLR, but it can only record files of up to 4GB. I also tried using a program called EOS Camera Movie Records that lets you record directly onto the pc, but I can't get it to work properly. I also heard the recording video on the 550D might shorten the lifespan of the camera.

Does anyone have a suggestion?



Hein Rook

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Obviously, sound is the most important factor here so I would record the sound through some other method and then adjust your camera to record at a lower quality setting - then put the two together post production.

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