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[SOLVED] Just got my HDJ-2000-k

So I am probably being really paranoid, but I figure better safe than sorry. I just got my headphones in today, I ordered from Bestbuy.com and got a price match from bhphotovideo so I got them for 219.99. My question is, I've seen alot of articles about fake or knockoff HDJ-2000's, should I even worry about this since I purchased direct from BestBuy? Don't get me wrong the sound quality is awesome, there are no weird machine marks on the L and R ear pieces, and all the emblems look up to par. I guess all the articles just got me worried. I'd be happy to post up pics if anyone thinks it's neccesary. Thanks for the feedback!


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@Andy > the problem of knock offs only arise when the units haven't been bought from a reputable source. You've nothing to worry about.

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