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[SOLVED] Earpads - I have a dream :)

I love my HDJ2000's and would happily recommend them over anything I've used before, but I find one consistent aggravation with all headphones, ALL... the earpads don't last.

My Sony700's, my Technics RP1200's and my beloved Pioneers have all had their turn to shed their outer leather-like coating. Living in S'Africa isn't a great place to be when you need to replace these parts at R700 (US$80) a time.

  • Brandon
    Sunny South Africa
Brandon Pretorius

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@Brandon > There's a lot of factors that may affect the wear and tear of the pads - how they are stored, whether you use product in your hair (!), what kind of environment they are used in, frequency of use etc. Give them a wipe with a dry cloth after use and store them in the pouch.

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