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HDJ-2000 low low volume

Had these for about 3 months. I always read how the sound quality was amazing and how they get pretty loud. Not the case with mine. In order for me to even be able to hear my self mix in a bar or club I have to turn the headphones up literally all the way. When I use my sony 7506's the volume only needs to be turned up half way, maybe a bit more. I've heard another guys pair of 2000's at the same club I played at and he only had them turned up about half way and they were louder than mine ever get. The sound is really good but just not what I hoped for. Anything I should look for?

Robert Beato

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@Robert > If they don't sound as consistent as other HDJ2000s then I'd question whether they may be faulty or illegitimate.

Where did you purchase them from?

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