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[SOLVED] question to the user RMX 1000

I would buy a RMX 1000, so I would like to know if it is reliable, because I do not want to found a RMX 1000 does not work correctly as the CDJ 2000 nexus malgrés I think Pioneer will quickly solve this problem,

So is what I can buy a RMX 1000 eyes closed ???

Franck Michel

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The rmx will work right out of the bow.. no problem with that.

You should think about if you can really use the RMX..

On the demo's it looks awesome... But is it ?

If i had the chance to test it properly before buying , I wouldn't bought the rmx

The effects on the scene FX are: Echo , HPF echo , Lpf echo , Crush echo , Bpf echo, Spiral up , Spiral down , Reverb up , reverb down , noise

So if you do not like the echo effect, then the rmx isn't something for you :)

Also the remaining effects on the Isolate fx aren't that usefull ... I already have an isolater on my mixer (djm 2000)

The same is for the gate /  trans / roll  leaving me with only  the Cut / add / drive effects

This is MY little feedback for the RMX , many users are very happy about the rmx.

So the conclusion is : Test it properly before you are spending your money



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I wondered the same thing having a DJM 2000 Nexus.

I have mine setup correctly, finally and I love it. It takes my DJing to another level and I honestly just started messing with it and can only imagine where I will be in a few months or so with it. I have not even broke the ice IMO but tonight I wanted to show my girl what I can do with my 3rd CDJ (My first one I got hooked up a few days ago and had an issue with the power button, it got stuck pushed in) I  just got back my  return/swap from Sam Ash. I spent most of my time on the RMX and after a few songs I stopped and she asked, "What did you do'? 

I said, "You couldn't tell"? And she gave me a look like she didn't want to insult me because she knew I had been messing with stuff. I quickly said, "It's ok baby if you couldn't tell" She took a breath of relief. I continued to say, " If you couldn't tell then I was doing a good job as it sounded like part of the song to you". 

I had to show her the loop on the 3rd CDJ, what effects I was using with the RMX etc... lol. She then realized. 

I'm loving the RMX!

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