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[CLOSED] Feature Request: load multiple Sample Decks


Another feature request, that would help us extend the functionalities of the RMX-1000.

Today the availability is to load custom samples from a 4 * 4 BANK Matrix, and all this from an SD card.

However SD cards have much more room to store/retrieve samples from.

Would it be possible to extend the number of samples / sample decks that can be loaded ?

Example: Today all is stored under one RMX-1000 folder, but if one added 4 figures - by start up of the machine pressing (HOLD) (1),

You 'd retrieve the samples of RMX-1000-1 folder ... This way you 'd get an extension of 4 * sample decks (each again 4*4)

That is a lot of samples ... In any way it would help me, where I now swap the SD cards

(funny indeed, since I DJ SD cards now on the RMX-1000 :-))

If you own a RMX-1000, do vote if you find the observation useful.

Kind regards,



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Thanks for the feedback - currently the design spec only allows for four banks of four samples and there is no provision to load additional files. We have passed your suggestion along to the engineers for their consideration. It may not be possible in the current hardware but the comments will be noted.

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