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Remix Station 500 help for beginner


I purchased Remix Station 500 and so far the product is marvellous but one problem remains:

The VST / AU plugin mentioned in product manual, there is no introductions of the plugin in whole manual. Also when I have downloaded all the software in Pioneer's site for my Remix Station, I will have remix station plug-in folder on my computer where are two files: plugins for 32 bit and 64 bit windows and in the end the .dll -mark.

So, what program I must use so I can use the plugin software?????

Also I need some advice how to match bpm which is coming from dj controller SS-B-R/computer combination. The automatic beat is always 120 in remix station even though music which is coming from laptop/controller is much slower/faster, some bug? It doesn't recognize the beat correctly.


Antti Reinikainen

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