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[SOLVED] sepc1

My question is now in July 2011 will the SEP-C1 work with Trakor and if so which version? I tried a SEP-C1 controller ( complete MEP setup ) last year and liked it however I dont really want the CD part of it as I already have CDJ's. etc.  I find that the SEP-C1 is the best controller for me and responds to touch better than most but before I get one can someone let me know if it will work with Trakor.

My plan is to connect the unit directly to my PC, I have an external AtoD unit that povides stero out and headphone monitor output.



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Hi Pulse
Don't know where to start comment but here is my problem I have read a lot forums but didn't get right answer .i have my pioneer sep-c1 connected to traktor pro 2 (2.6.2 I think ) and MacBook Pro.i have issue why I can't on controller browse set mix effects.on Windows djs I can do all settings.my win laptop pld and freezing so I want use with my MacBook. Thanks in advance

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