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How to fix CDJ jog wheel glitch video tutorial

Here's a video I made to fix common pitch bend glitch every large wheel cdj has had to date.



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@Pri yon Joni > Sorry mate, cannot permit this link as per the Terms of Service:

"Please be aware that the Pioneer DJ Forums are NOT for technical support issues. There are no technicians or official support members reading and posting here. Global technical support contacts are located in the right side bar of every page. If you are having problems with a Pioneer product, you may certainly ask the forum members for advice but please keep in mind that no forum member is authorized to provide you with technical assistance information. Be aware that as this is a Pioneer owned and operated web forum and, as such, Pioneer could be seen as responsible should a forum reader damage their equipment by following the information posted here by another member. Members providing information related to repairing or modifying Pioneer hardware or software will have the post edited or removed, without warning, at the discretion of the moderators."

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