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[SOLVED] Just learned my decks (CDJ 800 MK II) are discontinued

I'm going to start mixing again soon and here's the thing:  My decks have been in pawn for some time now and I've finally gotten to where I can afford to get them out.  I'm excited about mixing again as I LOVE my decks.  In the most basic terms I can think of:  Are they going to crap out on me?  I know nothing about why the 800 MKIIs were discontinued but I'm worried.  I've been thinking of switching to a controller/laptop setup and the money I spend buying back my decks may be better spent on just buying a controller, especially if the CDJs are possibly someday (soon?) going to be unuseable.  I bought my decks back in 2007 I believe.  What is the trend with the decks?  I have not seen a whole lot of complaints online about them crapping out on people but I have seen a few.  And the significant point is that, once I get them out of pawn they will likely have no trade in value at (my local shop) even if they do work, because of their being discontinued.  I appreciate your input as this issue is very important to me.

zoey london

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@Zoey > The CDJ800 was continued for no other reason only that they were replaced by a newer generation of CDJ so Pioneer ceased making them any more. The reliability and quality of the deck generally commands a good price for second hand gear.

However, all second hand gear can have its problems and, just like a car, the CDJ may need to be serviced if its not performing 100% (laser re-alignment etc). This would be fairly rare though.

If you want to use just a laptop as your music source then perhaps you should consider a controller.

If you want to use multiple music sources then consider some of the newer technology available such as the 350s / 850s etc which can mix music from your laptop with software or use CDs / USB sticks.

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