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[SOLVED] Questions about CDJ 400


I've been using a set of CDJ100 now for over 10 years and I really love them. Now I would like a new pair of players that I can connect to the pc and load mp3 directly into the player. I read a CDJ-400 can do this. A couple of questions:

  • how's the master tempo on the 400 compared to the 100? On the 100 I can hear annoying distortion when using MT.

  • what software do I need to be able to play music from my pc on the cdj-400?

  • is there a delay when playing from the pc through the USB connection, for instance when hitting PLAY?

  • are all functions on the player available when playing from USB / PC?



Hein Rook

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@Hein Rook > the 400 MT is much newer than the CDJ100 - for true comparison purposes I would encourage you to test out ANY new gear you may choose to buy. The successor to the 400 is the 350 which does incorporate a little more technology than the 400.

  • The CDJ-400 is compatible with most software suites such as Serato / Traktor etc. You can also load a bunch of tracks on a USB stick and play from that media.

  • This comes down to the laptop you are using as well as the software. Generally, you should be able to setup everything in such a way that there is incredible low latency (i.e. no lag / delay).

  • Again, this would depend on the software of choice and what you mean by "all functions" but the general answer would be yes for the most part.

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Thanks for your help. I've decided to go for the CDJ350, together with the DJM350!

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