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[CLOSED] DJM-800 color effects LED - repair

Just some info for those who have the same problem as I've seen with many of these mixers. If your color effect light is out but the color effect works, you need to replace the LED.

The part number for the blue LED is *SLR-343BBT(HJKL) *$9 from Pioneer parts. You can find these at other places for cheaper too.

You have to solder on the new LED, which isn't that hard if you have steady hands.

Here's the data sheet for the LED: http://www.datasheetarchive.com/dataframe.php?file=DSA-523492.pdf&dir=Datasheets-27&part=SLR343BBT#

Tony Nguyen

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Remember folks, if you open the unit to risk further damage to the unit or yourself. You should always seek technical support for repairs rather than attempting to fix an issue yourself.

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