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[SOLVED] CDJ 1000 mk3 Waveform

hey everbody 

When i load a track on my CDJ 1000 mk3 it dosen´t load the wave form ?? i Know it have the ability of doing that so why dosent mine do that ? do you need special cd´s ? i use Verbatim Vinyl Cd-r    Cd´s ? when i take a cd from a band that is burned from a factory it loads the waveform in 20 secs. but when i use my burned cd´s is loads the waveform as the tracks go on. So the waveform loads with the tracktime.. 


any ideas why its like that ? :)

frederik davidsen

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@Frederik > You need to burn your CDs as CD-Audio rather than MP3 CDs - this will allow the instant waveforms to load.

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