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[SOLVED] Help repairing CDJ-200

So I recently stumbled onto some CDJ-200s for a steal. I got two units for $100 bucks but they have broken play/cue buttons and the units have been shelved for some time. Also, the jogs are a little tight and have an odd sound when turned but I was told that's normal on another forum. I honestly have no idea as I have no prior experience with any Pioneer products. Everything else is in great shape though, tested and working with no issue. Really puts meaning behind why so many people like their CDJs, but I digress.

What I need help with is identifying if I am buying the right parts. I have looked over the Pioneer parts pdf numerous times and done my Google research as well. I am fairly certain I have the right parts. But you never know, I also don't want to go ahead and buy the tact switches if they aren't necessary. Since I've never used any Pioneer CDJ for more than twenty minutes I can't really tell if they're broken or not.

That said the tact switches currently feel a bit mushy. It's kind of like pushing a calculator button. There is no click or tactile feel to them. The other switches on the unit for say the text buttons feel tactile and give a click so you know it's pressed. However, given that they're entirely different style buttons I'm not sure if that's a good measure. Anyone have any good solid help for this situation? I don't mind replacing them, and after abuse in a bar/club maybe it's time to replace them anyway, but I just want to be sure before I pay a buddy of mine to solder them (He's a professional mechanic, so no worries on that getting screwed up in the process).

That said, here is the part list I have from Pioneer. Unfortunately, their site is like every other manufacturer I've dealt with for parts, no descriptions that help nor any pictures. Also if you know any US places that sell parts I'd greatly appreciate it, all the parts I find are out of the country. The one US site I found would not price match Pioneer and charged a pretty big markup.


Pioneer Description: PLAY BUTTON

Researched this a bit, it's the CDJ-400 play/cue button assembly which is exactly the same as the CDJ-200. Pretty sure I am safe.


Pioneer Description: KNOB (PLASTIC)

Researched this as well, PDF shows it's the top plastic jogwheel. Other websites confirm but Pioneer oddly doesn't have it listed under the CDJ-200 which scares me since it's not universal.


Pioneer Description: SWITCH

This one worries me. This is the tact switch, it is not in the Pioneer PDF. I was able to find it on eBay where it was listed as the tact switch for several different Pioneer units with the 200 being listed. Other websites confirm this as well but another case of Pioneer not really listing it anywhere so it concerns me.

Anyway, sorry for the wall if anyone has any experience with this that would be awesome. Thanks.


TLDR** - Bought used Pioneer gear, need to replace some parts but not sure on two of them. Also not sure if the tact switches under the cue/play buttons feel right or need to be replaced. Halp.

Justin Howard

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@Justin > Congrats on your purchase, I just read your post on Reddit, as it happens, but never got the opportunity to log in and leave a comment.

I can't say I'm of much use to you here. It seems like you're pretty bang on in your assessment of parts and I've never actually used a CDJ-200. What I can say is that your best option is to use the contact numbers in the right hand column that will find you technical support in your area. Hopefully, they should be able to help you confirm the parts you have chosen are correct as well as ordering those parts for you or pointing you in the direction of an authorised repair centre that may be able to help you out.

I know that the official parts website is http://parts.pioneerelectronics.com

I hope this helps!

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Thanks for the reply. I checked on Sunday to see if there was anyone close to me who repairs/has parts and was unfortunately out of luck for my location. I resorted to DJ Tech Tools and Reddit for a bit help, but not much was out there. I assume it's just the model as there is loads of stuff for 800s/1000s etc. Anyway, I used my super sleuth like Google skills to confirm most of the parts and will likely just order direct from Pioneer and see where it goes. In any case, thanks for the reply :)

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