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[CLOSED] help please cdj 1000 mk3

Wonder if any one can help please, I am having problems with one of my cdj 1000 mk3 , I am getting no sound coming from the cdj , I been a pro dj for over 20 years so I have done all the normal checks, I tried a number of mixers phone leads ext and still getting nothing from the cdj, my other one is working fine and the one with no sounds seam to have no others issues,jog wheel cue led all working,just no sound , I a time serviced sound and light tech and do all the work on my decks ect but the cdj as got my head done, any help would be a great help and very tearfully if somebody out there can help point me in the right direction. Thanks jase

jase williams

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Unfortunately it sounds like the solution to your problem is more technical than anyone here is authorized to provide. Your best bet is to contact technical support (links at the right side of this page) to find a nearby service shop.

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