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[SOLVED] CDJ 800 - Disk read noise / Time to read disk

I have just upgraded one of my CDJ 200's to a cdj 800 (yes i know - old school but I can't afford anything above these right now) i still have my other CDJ 200 and compared the times it takes to read the disk - my new/old 800 is much slower - is this normal? also there is a very noticable noise of the disk being read / spinning - a whirring sort of sound - whereas the 200 is silent - should i be worried/get my money back from the ebay seller as this was not described? or is it normal in the 800s?

Dave Crossley

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This is normal, however there could be more aging to the 800 in terms of play-hours or possibly an alignment issue with the optical pickup. You could consider having the unit serviced by an authorized Pioneer shop; tech support contacts are located to the right, they can direct you to one near you.

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