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broken cdj800's mk1

I have 2 800's mk1. about 6 months ago one of them started skipping ,reading cd's badly and making a horrible fuzzy noise and i ended up getting it serviced and i think it had a laser replaced or something , seemed to be ok till now,every so often it does it again only 1 in 20 tracks maybe but somethings not right?

And the other one has started doing the same ,i brought it to be repaired and i was told it was fixed only to get home and find its the same? this cdj is much worse than the other happening nearly every second track? 

i thought someone on here might have an idea whats wrong,seen as the shop i brought it too obviously dont?

attached a video of it aswell if you want to hear it!

i have also by passed my mixer/speakers incase that was the issue but it seems to still happen?

thanks in advance


rob 1993

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@rob 1993 > Return to the service centre again or contact Pioneer directly using the support links on the right >>

Definitely a hardware issue and, unfortunately, we won't be able to help you on here.

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