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Continuing issues with Traktor + CDJ-400s

Just dropping in to  share my experiences with the CDJ 400s.

Current setup...


CDJ 400s


Traktor (latest version) w/ Audio 10

Powered USB hub

I run the Aggregate tool, but always have issues with the output, so the only way I can get it to work properly is to go through the Audio 10. The CDJ "CoreAudio" is pretty much useless.

Now the main issue, when using the Audio 10 instead of CoreAudio everything is usually fine, it's very hit or miss though and it's becoming very frustrating. Sometimes the CDJs will completely cut out switching to internal mode. Then "turn encoder" comes up on both CDJs and you have to reselect the deck. Other times, only one CDJ will respond when switching to USB mode. The other one just sits there, and "turn encoder" does not show.

I can provide photos and screenshots of everything. I've troubleshooted all possible connection issues, USB cables and/or powered hub is not the problem. I'm beginning to think the 400s are on their way out and I'm considering upgrading. I've read up so much on my issues, including everything on this site, with little success. 

I'm not expecting much response, but why not give it a go?!

If a Pioneer rep could help, it would be greatly appreciated! Let me know if anything needs clarified, photos/screenshots provided, etc.

Clay Lukas

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