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Hello everyone!!


I hope you can help me,  I bought myself a mint condition cdj1000mk1 in original box and including original manual but have been having a few problems.

There was a crack on the display mainboard so everything would only function if pressure was applied in a certain angle to join the connections on the board,  soooooo I bought a replacement display board, installed the board but accidentally tripped the power :(  

Now there is no power to the deck at all ,  I have purchased some internal fuses (icp n20,  icp n25,  icpn15,  icp n10)

The question I have is will these fuses solve my problem and also where abouts are they within the deck?

Look forward to hearing everyones opinions :)


jason woodrow

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Sorry, unfortunately nobody here is authorized to provide you with the information you need to modify or repair your CDJ's hardware. You may try contacting a local repair shop or Pioneer technical support for further assistance - links are located to the right side of this page.

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