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cue points

2 questions about the best workflow for setting cue points:

  1. At the moment, I set all my cue points in rekordbox instead of setting them on the cdj's. Do you guys also set cue points while playing out & then updating these cuepoints  into rekordbox? Or do you prefer to do all your cueing with the cdj's? Why?

I use rekordbox since I want to "keep" my loops the way I made them, e.g. I save a 32 beat loop in hotcue A in rekordbox, recall this loop when playing, and I often use the loop cutter making the loop smaller and smaller but I want to keep the original 32 beat loop instead of the final 1/32 loop. Also for acapella loops I cut them whith the cdj's (e.g. "let the beat control your body" --> "let the beat"-->"let"--->"lllllll"), but for the next gig, it is obvious that I want to start with the original length.

  1. How about usb vs cd 's? I prefer to use rekordbox but i guess it's good to have a backup on cd's... Is it possible to make this  double cueing  more easy in the future? It's a waste of time to do everything twice :-( 

How do you guys make the decision of which songs you cue on cd's and which via rekordbox or don't you pay very much attention to cueing the cd's when they are only used as a back - up?




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Take all your music library to MP3 (320) and use USB, it works beautiful.

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  1. I set 98% of my Cue's in Rekordbox as I find it easier to use a mouse and jump to exactly where I want to be and because I can have the zoom on the waveform.

  2. Rekordbox waveform files cannot be burned to CD's and the CDJ's do not read Rekordbox information from the CD's. Therefore USB is the best option. I also prefer USB because it's compact and can hold more tracks than a CD. Not to mention CD's can scratch and that would ruin an entire night if all you had were scratched CD's to try to work with.

Rekordbox is more or less suppose to be an aid to DJ'ing, not exactly hold all of your tracks from your complete collection. It is capable of holding your entire library, but recommended to import and use your most commonly used and most recent files. However this isn't always the case as some DJ's do need all of their tracks with them at certain gigs.

What did you mean by the "Double Cueing" feature? 

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