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[Help needed] Importing a playlist from a USB device

Hi there,

due to a clean install of my OS I had to back up all of my data.

(I backed up my rekordbox playlists etc on a USB drive).

Now here's the problem: I imported my whole music collection into Rekordbox already without any problems.

But when I try to import my playlists from my USB drive (in Rekordbox under devices) It says the list is empty or that the music files aren't present in my collection. And as I stated above, i DID re-import my whole music collection. I also made sure none of the files were changed and that the list is not empty.

Is there any way to get my playlist from my USB to Rekordbox without doing it manually?

Any help is surely appreciated!

Thanks in advance. 


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I have recently seen issues with this and id say the only way to do this is manually.

I was importing a playlist from a drive and once imported it had completely different tunes in it,

The whole import process is dysfunctional imo.

it hasn't worked properly from day one.

i would search the usb for mp3's and copy them back to the root drive and re-import into rbx

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As far as Rekordbox is concerned, because it's a fresh install, that USB stick wasn't created with that library and as such, the unique IDs created for the tracks in your collection no longer match those of the music on your stick.

Only way to do this would be, as @Pionix says, to manually recreate the playlists within Rekordbox.

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I'm just saving all playlists from USB as *.m3u8 and reimporting them to new playlists. Long

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