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Possible to do "/2" and "x2" with the BPM in RB?

There are DJ programs that lets you halve (/2) or double (x2) the detected BPM, because a lot of the time it's detected as either twice as fast or slow. (Especially non-house music.)

But I think there is no such function in RekordBox now, am I right? And if not, would it be possible to implement it?

This would be super useful in the case of e.g. live music where you want to be able to detect the BPM dynamically, but not have it be 202.4 BPM when the correct BPM is actually around 101.2.

It seems like a fairly easy thing to add? Thanks!

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You are so right! I didn't search well enough, I guess. Works well too. :) Thanks.

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