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New Mac Book Pro Deleted My Music/Playlists/Cues from my HDD

I have been using Rekordbox on my PC for some time and created folders/playlists on my portable HDD so I can plug it into my CDJ 2000's. I've recently bought a mac book pro and now using it with rekordbox. Last night I plugged my HDD into the mac and it found my playlists as usual. The problem was that I tried to import some tunes into a playlist and the sandtimer was ticking over for ages. Thinking it had crashed, I pulled out the USB to my HDD without using the 'eject' button. Now all of my playlists have disappeared according to rekordbox (on mac, PC and CDJ 2000's) I noticed my mac had thrown all my tunes in the TRASH without my say so. I have checked my HDD and noticed that my tunes are still in the contents folder. Will I have to manually install all the tunes again and create all playlists as well as create all the cues again or will this data be stored somewhere? It took me months to set it all up! How can I avoid this problem happening again?

Matt Cooper

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@Matthew > by any chance did you get in contact with Pioneer Great Britain about this?

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@matthew > If you corrupted your device by disconnecting it mid-write, it's no surprise that your playlists are missing.  As for the music being in the trash, are you talking about what was exported or your original source?  I would expect it's the export audio which didn't get sent to the drive thanks to the crash.  Your best bet would be to wipe the export device and try exporting your tracks and playlists again.

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Hi Pulse,

Unfortunatly I had no choice but remove the drive due to the crash. I have found that my PIONEER folder is now semi transparent on my external HDD which I can open on the PC but they are not visible on my MAC.

Is there a way I can stop the folder being semi-transparent?  Which folders should I now delete and whcih ones should I keep?

All my tunes are kept in the CONTENTS folder which I have now imported into COLLECTIONS so that folder is fine.

In the PIONEER folder in my external HDD I have folders:

  2. REKORDBOX - Export PDB file
  3. USBANLZ - P000 folder + many others such as P001, P002 etc..

I am interested as to what the files are in my USBANLZ folder? Are these my playlists, cue/loop point pre-sets? If so, how can I re-import these into my Rekordbox?

Do you know if there are any plans for Pioneer to write a detailed instruction book for rekordbox highlighting these sort of things? 

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