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Rekordbox takes < 1 min for Loading Tracks (ProDJ-Link)


I have some major problems with my Pioneer Equipment.

I'm using 2x CDJ 900, 1x DJM 900nxs, 1 Macbook Pro (OS X Lion)

I updated the CDJ's with the latest Firmware and Rekordbox is running with v1.5.2


My Problem is, that the ProDJ Link takes over many seconds to load the Tracks from Rekordbox. (Tracks already analysed and quantized)

The Problems are shown, when I drag the Tracks by using the Macbook or using the CDJ to navigate.


Could anyone helf me or have the same problems.

Thanks and greetings from Germany!


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@AlexNoize > Have you got your airport enabled?  What is the network hardware you're connecting everything through?

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