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Rekordbox, iMac & Macbook Pro.. What would you do?

Hi everyone..

I recently found myself spending hours and hours searching boards, youtube, etc on how i should sync my music library & Rekordbox w/iMac & Macbook Pro. I know "DROPBOX" was suggested by people on this board, but I'm not really trying to pay a $100.00 a year for the service, so is there any other way.. Here's my scenario...

1) I usually purchase & organize tracks on my iMac; 

2) then run all my tracks through Mixed in Key;

3) then I upload the tracks to Rekordbox;

4) then I organize & create playlist in Rekordbox

5) then finally I export to an SD Card to use w/ CDJ 2000's

Now, lets say I'm traveling, and I forgot to add a song to a my rekordbox collection, or wanted to rearrange the my rekordbox playlist and I don't have my iMac, but I do have my Macbook Pro.. What do you do?

Can't wait to see the replies on this..


Jason Videna

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Why not use the MBP to organize your music. You can always migrate the library to your iMac if you need.


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I personaly do not own a Imac. However I will give my 2 cents based on your current situation.

Dependant on which product you use for downloading your music, Using Icloud helps migrate new music to your Imac, and MBP. So that helps with having music on both products for management use. 

I probably would be using the MBP for Itunes->Rekordbox-> Export to SD/SSD/USB/HDD. 

If i were to own a Imac, I would have it in that same order as well, but to eliminate too much memory usage on the MBP, I would do more heavy duty comp work on Imac, (ie. Ableton, logic pro). 

YOUR BEST FRIEND WILL BE ICloud. It will Sync your apple products in terms of "photos, music" etc. but mainly for us the music. So anyhting tha thappens in Itunes, meaning you drag a new track into it, will be synced to your other apple products, which in turn lets you have files everywhere.

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FYI: The Dropbox suggestion is not to host your music files there, only your rekordbox database.

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