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Migrating problems

Good day,

I read the instructions for migrating of the rekordbox data.

Firstly, found the path which is: C:\ProgramFiles\Pioneer\Rekordbox1.4.1

Now I don't see the folders as detailed in the instructions. eg, Crashes (folder), datafile.backup.edb, datafile.edb, etc.

The only recognizable item is "Upmgr rekordbox.exe" (not exactly as detailed in the instructions).

Can't see the licence item also.

I am using windows 7 enterprise.

For now, I just want to have a backup stored on a mass storage device.


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@Vishnu > that is not the correct path. The path, as per the instructions, are Win7: C:\Users\yourusername\AppData\Roaming\Pioneer\rekordbox - you'll need to have all your hidden folders visible.

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@Gavin > shot thanks Gav, after a whole lot of searching after your post, I actually found the folder on my "D" drive.

I think even before I started using rekordbox, I loaded it on my old PC & when the IT guys swapped my info, he transferred all old data to the D drive.

Ok, now that I have it, I will continue with the instructions.

Thank Gav...much appreciated.

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