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Rekordbox cant link up to cdj 900's after updating to 1.5.3

First time I had a problem with Rekordbox.


As soon as I updated ( Which I knew I shouldnt have done) My link function ceased to work. You click on the button at the bottom left to bring up the linked cdjs and it doesn't do it.

There is no problem with the hooks up or my laptop. Everything worked fine a couple hours before the update and I didnt mess with anything.


Need help asap please. Wish I could go back to 1.5.2 but it uninstalled it as part of the update process. Im afraid the countless hours ive spent on my library is going to be lost.


Any clues?


pete d

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add the new firewall exceptions again as the path would have changed from the old one to the new version


the first exceptions point to C:\Program Files (x86)\Pioneer\rekordbox 1.5.2

the new exceptions point to C:\Program Files (x86)\Pioneer\rekordbox 1.5.3

that should fix it.

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Hey Pionix,


Thanks for the reply man.

The firewall exception didnt work.

I didnt explain what happened properly in my first post properly.

So when you hit the LINK button in the bottom left corner the 2 decks show up in the bottom of the screen. DECK 1 and DECK 2. Its when you drag a track onto a deck it flashes a couple times and stays white in color instead of going green for ready.

On the actual decks the screens are just blank.. waiting for me to choose a media method.

Thanks again for the help.

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@pete > Did you get all FOUR exceptions?  There are 4 connections that connect out from rekordbox in order to link.  Turning off your firewall will confirm that it's the firewall that's the problem.

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