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Rekordbox does not read special char (°,',é etc...) when importing playlist

Hi to all,

i think it's a bug that can be solved easy; When importing a playlist in m3u format with a special char in the filename, the source file is not recognized by recordbox; instead if you just add the file to your collection, everything it's ok. I think the error is when reading the m3u file.

Can you fix this?


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@SilverFox > Here's some info for you...

rekordbox can not import playlists exported by Traktor and Winamp 2 (Windows version) because Winamp does not use the absolute path to write the file location, and Traktor2 does not write characters with accents. Perhaps, the software used does not use the UTF-8 encoding?

Could you provide us with some detail as to the method by which you create your playlists?  Perhaps that could give the engineers some insight as to where the issue may be.

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