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Is this a 1.5.4 Bug. Creating new library from new location, shows old location

I am basically starting from a clean empty collection in Recordbox. I am dragging WAV files from an old location on my hard drive and dropping them in a new location.  So from F:\Contents\UnknownArtist\ to the new location F:\Library\WAV

I do a right-click and select copy from the F:\Contents location and paste it into the F:\Library location.

I then drag the file from F:\LIbrary\WAV\ to the collection side in Recordbox, select it and look at and the summary says the OLD location -- F:\Contents etc.

This is not a good thing. I think I was able to get around it by closing and re-opening Recordbox in one instance. But, is this a bug? 


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If you truly had an empty collection, the database would be empty and there would be no reference to the other location.  Either way you can relocate the tracks using that find/relocate feature.

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