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USB to rekordbox


I always export my music from my iTunes to my USB. But now I found out that it's handier for me to import it in rekordbox prepare it and than export it.

But now I have more than 1000 tracks prepared on my USB and changed some info like genre and key.

I want all those tracks in my rekordbox collection because loading rekordbox tracks in rekordbox is a lot faster than loading them on the usb in rekordbox. Is it possible to import al the tracks to my rekordbox? If I try it with making the same playlist and number from iTunes he doesn't import them because I changed some information.

It was a lot of work preparing all the tracks and do the information right. Now I do all the information in iTunes and export them to my collection so there is my solution for the future but I still can't export those tracks from my USB to my rekordbox collection. 

Jacob De Hoog

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So when you said: "But now I have more than 1000 tracks prepared on my USB and changed some info like genre and key.", do you mean:

  • First of all you imported your iTunes playlists to your Rekordbox playlists, then
  • You transfered those playlists onto your device, and then
  • You prepared your tracks from your CDJ (set up cue and hot cue points for instance), and finally
  • Now you want to transfer the tracks with the new information from your USB device to Rekordbox?

If I understood well your problem, well the solution is the following:

  1. Open Rekordbox
  2. Plug your USB device
  3. Click on the "Device" left-tab
  4. Right-click on "G:" (or "F:" or something else, depending on your computer and your device's location)
  5. Click on "Update collection"

Hopefully I understood your problem and my solution was the right-one.

Let me know!

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@Jaap > If I'm following you correctly, have you tried using the Bridge function in rekordbox that bridges between your iTunes collection and the rekordbox software?

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