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BPM inaccurate

Hello firstly I must say sorry if this article is elsewhere. But... I am having a problem with a song the software does not set an accurate BPM for the song (this problem also occurred on serato itch) it appears the BPM is miss read and i cannot seem to manually set the beat grid as I think the song BPM fluctuates within the song. i first thought it was the track quality from a CD so i purchased the song from iTunes and still no luck. I have even gone on to Beatport and sought there documented bpm for the song but even this solid bpm they give does not fit the waveform when applying it using the grid edit tools.


please can you help? sam

sam kerslake

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@Sam > Have you tried analysing the track using Dynamic mode in rekordbox? Is it a live performance track?

Why can't you manually set the grid? If the BPM fluctuates then your best bet is to warp the track in Ableton to a constant BPM (but try analysing dynamically first).

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