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rekordbox vs. virtualdj

i'm contemplating if i should switch to rekordbox.

currently i use virtualdj with cdj2000(2) and djm2000 mixer.

what advantages does rekordbox have over virtualdj? please keep traktor, serato, and any other dj software out of this topic. thanks.

if you want to beatdown on virtualdj, then this topic will become interesting. just don't give pioneer staff a reason to close this topic. i want as much info as possible. i've tried rekordbox and to be honest i just don't get it.. and yet, everywhere i go, in all the clubs, i see people using cdj's.. well cdj's are hardware controllers for deck control, so i got those, and djm2000 is definitely my choice of mixer+fx that doesn't rely on software/computer power. but what about rekordbox.. what am i missing here. what's the advantage of using rekordbox? how does rekordbox compete with virtualdj when it comes to beat juggling, looping. and now with new cdj2000 nexus coming out, .. another 5k$ investment that never paid it's self off in the first place? as i see it, virtualdj gives me all the stuff the cdj2kn has, and even more than that. slip mode, scratch screen, beat sync, master, slave, and yes.. video too.

again, all input is welcomed.

dj shahar

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rekordbox and VDJ are two complete different systems - one is a tool for organising your music, the other is actually for playing music and applying effects.

What don't you get about rekordbox? Perhaps I can better help you by addressing this question first.

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