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Rekordbox 2.01 Not Linking Up After Aero 1.02-1.06 Firmware Update

    Nicholas Peltekakis 

My Rekordbox will not link up with my PC wirelessly, its version 2.01, windows 7 enterprise, firewall disabled.

This is so frustrating, it was working fine before updating the firmware on my XDJ and now it will not connect no matter what I do.

Please provide us with more control over the wireless portion, there is absolutely NO way to tell whats going on, just sitting there waiting for the magic symbol to appear.

I currently have a £900 brick which is useless.

Please sort it out.


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I have now uninstalled and reinstalled the Rekordbox software and its on Version 1.6 This worked on the first reboot after installation but now this wont work either. The "Link" icon just flashes up every ten seconds for a plsit second and then disappears.

This software is a JOKE, and I have a device that I cannot use. I want to record mixes and videos, and I can do nothing. I bought it for the wirelesss function as it is this that allows me to be free of wires, and all I have been so far is free of music.

Please sort this mess out, the software does not work, and renders the device useless by Wifi.

Can someone from Pioneer respond please?


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The engineers have asked for the following information in order to help troubleshoot:

  1. On XDJ-AERO, what WLAN mode is set up?

a - Access Point (AP)

b - WLAN Client.


  1. If XDJ-AERO is set up as an Access Point, what is its channel number? 

a - Auto

b - one of CH1 through CH11


  1. Where is XDJ-AERO is located?

a - on a metal material

b - Please describe the location if other than on a metal material below:


  1. How is the configuration between his PC and XDJ-AERO?

a - XDJ-AERO is set up as an Access Point, and PC is wirelessly connected directly to XDJ-AERO.

b - XDJ-AERO is set up as WLAN Client. There is a wireless router in between. XDJ-AERO wirelessly connects the router, and PC also wirelessly connects the router as well. XDJ-AERO and PC are connected via the router.


  1. What changed in his environment since it worked fine?

a - The firmware was updated. rekordbox was reinstalled.

b - Wireless device(s) were newly placed. For instance, wireless headphones, wireless audio speakers, wireless phones, bluetooth devices, and a microwave. Please describe changes in detail.


  1. How does the property of the wireless network look like on his Windows 7?

Click on the internet access icon in the task tray, and righ-click on the active wireless network; then, you will see the property. Please send us the screen shot of both tabs. 


  1. Is the wireless connection icon in Windows 7 task tray stable?

a - stable

b - intermittently lost


  1. If XDJ-AERO is set up as an Access Point, how if a different WLAN channel number is used?

If Auto is selected, please try each channel number. Channel #1, #6, or #11 may solve/improve the connection. If not, try the others by turns.

 a - worked fine. The channel number changed to is: _____

b - no change. still not working.

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I have now upgraded to firmware 1.06 and now the tracks that were analyzed on my USB stick are now not analyzed. Please help I dont fancy trying to reload 14k tracks again

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@Carwyn > Did you get a message within rekordbox prompting you to Analyse For Missing Data?

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I am having the same problem.

Amazing .... such an expensive equipment and instead of having answers we get questions!!

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I'm having the same issue.  I've now updated XDJ Aero to version 2.0. and it's still not linking.  I can export from Rekordbox to USB and use it that way but still want to be able to use my laptop to drag and drop but the bi lateral controls aren't showing on Rekordbox and Lap top is not speaking to XDJ, the blue light does not come on. 


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So any chance to sort this out soon, it's really frustrating taking external HDDs.

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