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[SOLVED] Activating Loops

In serato (scratch or itch) i create loops and the beginning and the end of a track. When djing I can activate the 1st loop then turn it off as i'm mixing in. The track plays thru and at some point I activate the last loop so when the track gets there it goes into the loop. I then turn that loop off when i'm done mixing out.   In rekordbox I've built beginning and eding loops but I can't figure out how to activate the last one on the cdj. When i've tried activating it using the memory call the track automatically jumps to that spot.  Is there a way to activate various loops or am I stuck looping on the fly???

Chris Rozier

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Your only option would be to set a HOT LOOP; store a loop as a hot cue and then hit the hot loop button when you get to that point. There is no ability for the player to automatically enter a loop. The other work-around (which won't exactly solve your problem as you also loop at the start of the track), would be to activate the loop at the end of the track, then rewind or use the touch-strip (on the CDJ-2000) to get to the beginning of the track, and press PLAY/PAUSE -- DO NOT CUE. When you're ready to start, simply play the track, mix your song and when the player gets back to the end of the track where the loop is active, it will enter the loop and loop around as long as it's active.

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