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[SOLVED] Help! Linking apple comp. to DJM-900 nexus!

Hey everyone, just bought a pioneer DJM-900nexus and having a hard time getting my tracks to do on a single channel. for some reason when i put 2 tracks on 2 different channels they both play together on one ( so i cant mix )! would appreciate some help with this problem and thank you! 

Cameron Cramer

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@Cameron > Are you using the DJM900 as your main audio interface for the computer, and if so, are you expecting the rekordbox software to output separate channels? Because if so, it doesn't do that.

While yes, you can use the DJM's built-in audio interface to output audio from your computer's various software applications, including DJ apps, rekordbox is NOT designed as a DVS meaning it is for managing your song collection and previewing mixes, as well as acting as a source for audio files when linked with CDJs. You can't use it as a "live" DJ software such as Traktor, Serato DJ or Virtual DJ. Please consider a different configuration or software for this purpose.

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