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Transfering Music to an External Hard Drive and then using a new PC to run Rekordbox

I moved all my music to my External Hard drive today and then loaded rekordbox on a new PC.  I backed up my library on my external HD and then also made another file and exported all my playlists, then I made one more file in the external hard drive and exported all my music.  I also kept it all on my original pc in case this doesn't work.  I have now loaded the new computer with Rekordbox, imported the library and now somehow all the music is now saved on this new pc, which I don't want, I want Rekordbox to look at my hard drive as this PC is not mine and mine is currently unavailable.  I need to get my music off of this new computer but still want to use Rekordbox on it.  Do I have to reload all my music from the External Hard drive to make this work?  My External Hard drive is formated with folders with all the artists, so it will take forever and a day if that's the case.  Is there any shortcut?

Jeremy MacDonald

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