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You know oil tar and oh you know there's something

You know oil tar and oh you know there's something else I want to mention really quickly for ago there is a skincare masks like clay mask I want to do supplement specifically with a few differently mask I’m recipes that I I’m sure the guys if you’re interested not and it also facials teens said you have couple miles I will also mentioned death in the town bar they are good for Androx if you have like BB black and brown skin like burning like ants were congested pores in general I have some good official steam recipes for that so that can be another supplement too so I hope you guys enjoy thank you so much for watching and I was but again soon this has equal patients it the chickpea flour and milk out talk and this way it's like Skype powdery and the base in the chickpea flour I have this great texture so it's grace by sanitation not want that to you live emphasizes the dynamite around eyes.


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