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Rekordbox with Mavericks

1) I have been holding off buying a new Macbook Pro because of the issues with Rekordbox and Mavericks compatibility.  However the time has come and Macbook just needs to be replaced.   Has the issue with 10.9.2 been resolved?  I have a weekly radio show I do and weekly gigs.  It would be tough to try and work out bugs.  I have 4 CDJ 2000 Nexus and a DJM 900 I use in conjunction with Rekordbox.  Will I be able to use my Rekordbox with the issues with 10.9.2?  I can't afford to make the switch if it won't work.  I don't use Rekordbox direct with the Nexus CDJ's all the time, only when preparing mixes.  For live performances and gigs  I move tracks to USB sticks and play off the sticks.  I know the compatablity issues are with using Rekordbox direct with the CDJs.  But does Rekordbox work with 10.9.2 if I transfer my music to USB sticks and play off the sticks?  Or will it not work at all?  The new computers will have the most current OSX and I have no way of getting the older versions.  So I  just want to make sure I can use Rekordbox with 10.9.2 for music management before I buy my new laptop this weekend.  

2)  I also want to know about moving my existing Rekordbox.  I am not worried about moving playlists or migrating anything.  My concern is the Rekordbox keys temporary suspension.   I have my license key that I obtained from my Pioneer DJ registration account.   I want to make sure I can use my existing Rekordbox license key and install it on my new laptop with Mavericks.  

3) Can I use my Rekordbox key to install the software on both my laptop and studio Mac (multiple computers)?  So that I can manage my music both in the studio and while I'm at gigs.  I have had my current license key for about 3 years.  I have only used it one time so far and that's in my laptop.  I'd like to install it on my new home studio Mac as well as my new laptop I'll be purchasing this weekend.  Is that possible to use my current key for 2 new computers?


Any help with all this would be great...


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