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CONTENT folder on USB-stick into different order...?

First of all I will describe my workflow for you to better understand my problem.

I manage my collection with Traktor and also play maybe 60-70% of gigs with it. In some situations I do need CDJ, for example if I know in advance that there is going to be very small DJ-table and a laptop artist before/after me I rather choose CDJ-USB stick to avoid the hassle of trying to fit my gear to a crowded table. Also when I feel like not carrying too much gear I choose the USB-stick.


A large amount of my collection is in FLAC format which Pioneer does not support. I have solved this in the following kind of workflow.

  1. first I prepare playlists in Traktor.

  2. then I export one or more playlists each into a separate folder (pl1, pl2, pl3, etc...)

  3. after this I convert FLACs to a format that Pioneer understands (AIFF or WAV).

  4. then I would want to analyze pl1, pl2, pl3, ... folders with Rekordbox so that I get access to instant wave-data, moving waveform, grids, sync, etc...

  5. the simplest way I have discovered to to this is that I open Recordbox, then navigate in browser to the folder, then I guess I need to import it to Rekordbox and choose "export folder as playlist" destination as USB-stick"


Now, the problem is that when I export a playlist to USB-stick, Recordbox creates a folder named COLLECTION to the USB-stick. Then it copies the files to the COLLECTION folder in an COLLECTION/ARTIST1/ALBUM1/TRACKNAME.wav kind of folder structure.


  • as long as I use a Rekordbox compatible player this seems not to be a big issue as I can navigate from the browser to a playlist category and see all the tracks in a nice list.

  • sometimes there can be situations where I need to play from USB-stick from a non CDJ-player. For example very small or underground parties where the organizer simply has no access to expensive CDJ-hardware and has older CDJ-400, Numark, Gemini, etc...

  • in these situations playing from the CONTENT folder created by Rekordbox is a nightmare. Often there is huge amount of folders and each folder contains 1 or 2 tracks.



So my question is:

  • is there some way to export playlist from Rekordbox database into a USB-stick so that all tracks of the playlist are saved to the sameCOLLECTION/playlistname folder....?

  • if I already have tracks on USB-stick. is it possible to recordbox analyze them so that you don't need to add them to library on your computer, so that Recordbox directly creates track metadata to PIONEER folder on the USB-stick...?

  • if even that is not possible, is it then possible to set pioneer recordbox main database folder into the USB-stick and if yes, will it then work with CDJ without exporting into CONTENT folder.




  • I actually tried to organize files inside CONTENT folder by moving them around into the flat hierarchy I suggested but after that CDJ-does not find them anymore. So where is the location data of the files contained? (somewhere under PIONEER folder but where exactly...?) 

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