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rekordbox 3.1.0 waveforms/BPM missing, can't be added?

Hi there,

I have a bunch of files that I've imported over time; some of the older ones have lost their waveforms and BPM data. This data cannot be added; if I right-click the track and choose "Analyze Track" I get a progress bar and a status message "Analyzing: 1 track" but when it finishes I still don't have a waveform. Link is disabled, and I've checked file permissions on both the tracks and the ~/Library/Pioneer folder. I've also exported the library and re-imported it; in the newly imported library I still see the old waveforms and empty ones, and cannot save analyze data on those files. No messages are written to the console and no errors display in rekordbox.

Lots of stuff (such as loop quantization) doesn't work without the waveforms; how do I reset these tracks so that I can re-analyze them?


John Anderson

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